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Meet the Author, BJ Sloan

Meet the wonderful BJ Sloan in this interview with the author!

What are your writing accomplishments?

After earning my degree, I spent some time as a local newspaper reporter and photographer, then graduated to a national trade publication as an associate editor. My work involved extensive travel over most of the 50 states, creating features, stories, and photography. I also have had several articles published in other national trade magazines and newspapers.

What keeps you motivated to write?

Developing a story is a hunt. The anticipation of the search is the motivation. It’s like digging for a treasure at a flea market. Putting the pieces together in a cohesive manner is the exciting part.

What is your writing schedule?

I don’t have a schedule but do work to write each day. Sometimes the writing is in my head, sometimes on paper.

What advice would you give to a new writer?

Just like 99% of things in life, writing well is a learned skill. A tiny percentage of writers grab a pen and spout profound wisdom at a young age. It is possible to like something-even if you are not yet good at it. Practice-practice-practice-yada-yada-yada.

What genre do you write?

Good Question? Fiction for sure, I’ve had agents say Book Club Fiction, Women’s Fiction or Literary Realism. It is real and fiction but based on truth.

What genre will you never write?

Oh, why shut the door on something before trying it? I will probably try them all at some point- why not?

What is your favorite book?

Unfair question- which of your children do you like the best? Each story has a place in my heart, so naming one would be impossible.

What is your goal as a writer? Do you want to be published? Do you want to share your work or hone your craft?

Yes, I want shelves of my works in bookstores and libraries.

Do you have any struggles in your writing?

Learning the technical rules is my hill to climb. Of course, you can abandon the rules after you are famous.

When did you start writing?

I have stories on paper from age five.

What is your day job?

My husband and I own and serve as brokers for a real estate company.

My question is- why is writing about myself so darn difficult?

Maybe because I’m brilliant but humble to a fault. Well—I can dream, anyway.

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14. Mai 2023

BJ nice to know more about you. Hope your arm heals quickly.

Gefällt mir
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