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Writing as Kehoe Rogers. Why? It was the only name available on Twitter. 😑With a thousand Shawn Rogers in the world, half of them unpublished writers, what are you gonna do?The Bio part: retired techy suffering from the engineer's curse: I'll spend an hour man-splaining how a clock works after you ask me for the time. Sorry, it'd genetic. But, I'm getting better. Writing credits: thin. I had a by line covering high school hockey in Dallas for 2 years. Totally fun, and I exercised appropriate journalistic ethics: If a dad bought me a beer, his son got featured. 'Nough said. Wrote a number of articles published in trade rags about techy things. 😪 Wrote a ton of LinkedIn articles when I was a tech consultant. Nothing remotely interesting. Meh, it was a living. Now it's fiction for fame and fortune. Only there's no fame and even less fortune. First novel, The RIF, written during the pandemic lock down, is a comedically serious historical/triller set in Silcon Valley circa 2004 (i.e. remember when Netflix mailed you DVDs?). I schelped it to ~25 agents without a glimmer of interest. I'm thinking of throwing it up on Kindle Direct and see if it sticks. Second attempt, a murder mystery set in Michigan in 1964 is in the works. Between the two, I've stumbled through a half dozen shorts, More to come.

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