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All Writers Online Workshop (AWOW)


Kimberly Moravec and Charlie Hilliard were/are a part of the DFW Writer's Workshop. For a short period the DFWWW offered zoom to its members as well as hybrid. However, the officers decided to move in a different direction. We loved the idea of zoom and (with a grant from the DFWWW) we formed AWOW to accommodate those who cannot come in person to the DFWWW. Although we are not a part of DFWWW, they are the beginnings of this workshop. 

Our Vision

We wanted this workshop to provide accessibility to those who needed/wanted an online workshop. 


We are working to create an active and engaged writing community. The membership will be the ones that help shape this organization. We ask that everyone participates whether it be on the online forum or during our meetings. AWOW is meant to be an invaluable resource to the community as we continue to expand and grow our knowledge and supportive base. 

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