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Podcasts for Writers

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Podcasts are a great way to earn about many subjects, and writing is no exception! In this blog post, I list my three favourite podcasts about the business and craft of writing books.

The Creative Pen Podcast

This podcast, run by Joanna Penn, a self-pubished fiction and non-fiction author, is an excellent way to catch up on publishing news and listen to interviews from authors and other people in the business of publishing. The podcast covers craft, marketing, and career strategy. One unique aspect about the podcast is that Joanna Penn talks a lot about how artificial intelligence can be used in writing and marketing books.

Writing Excuses

This podcast, hosted by small group of speculative fiction writers (including the wildly famous Brandon Sanderson), takes a look at the craft of writing in detail. They've been going for donkey's years. My all time favourite episode introduces the "Character sliders," a way of thinking about character development that completely changed the way I think about characters.

The Self Publishing Show Podcast

Mark Dawson is a big deal in the self-publishing world. His educational empire, the Self Publishing Formula, has an excellent reputation for teaching self published authors how to market thier books. This podcast covers a wide range of topics and is always interesting to listen to.


I hope you find these podcasts helpful. What are your favourite writing podcasts? Let us know!

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