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Members of AWOW: Patrick Hanaford

I have been in different critique groups over the years, looking for review of my manuscripts.  I’ve been surprised the groups generally focused on YA and Fantasy, even though romance, mystery/thriller, and sci-fi are the most sold on Amazon. I searched for an online group with more of my genre (below), and others as well. AWOW was it. Though located in Dallas, almost four hundred miles from me, it’s perfect. After the first meeting, I was hooked. The group is diverse, with multiple genres, positive critiques, and great ideas. 

 Me? I’m a retired family physician who’s been writing for several decades, of which the first was absolute crap.  All such is safely stuffed away in a gym bag, though several short stories were published. Bolstered, I settled on novels. And since I favor thrillers in my spare time, I shifted that way creating Marla Adams, now an Amazon bestseller and continuing series.

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Don Eggspuehler
Don Eggspuehler
2 days ago

Nice bio Pat. I thought you were a lawyer, but you were a doctor! Glad you're enjoying the group.


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