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Meet the Author, Daryle McGinnis

Meet the colorful and exciting author Daryle McGinnis in this interview!

What are your writing accomplishments?

As one of the chairmen of Delta’s pilot union, I wrote to them explaining the management-labor turmoil following airline deregulation and how to address it. This was not only part of my position, but a passion and very necessary.

I have also self-published 4 (5) books since.

What keeps you motivated to write?

First, the challenge of taking a concept or a story and putting it into words that interest and make sense. Second, it is just fun. The creative process, to me, is very enjoyable.

What’s your writing schedule?

I write late at night. With other daily concerns accomplished, I can focus on it.

What advice would you give to new writers?

Figure yourself out. Figure out what you like to write and how you naturally write it. Then mold that into the way writing needs to be done.

What genre do you write?

Nonfiction is the best way to put it, with usual focus on aviation and law.

What genre will you NEVER write?

There are two actually, sci-fi and horror. To me, writing needs to be based on challenging reality. If I stray far from that I lose contact and interest.

What are your favorite books?

Fortune’s Children by E.E. Vanderbilt

Devil in the White Castle by Eric Larson

Dead Weight(Wake) by Eric Larson

A Higher Call, a WWII aviation story of opposite (-) sides camaraderie by Adam Makos.

What is your goal as a writer? Do you want to be published (if so, how?), do you want to share your work in general, or hone your craft?

Honing my craft first and sharing, having people enjoy reading the subjects I present, second. Being published is last as it can conflict with why I like writing to begin with.

Do you have any struggles in your writing? (Plots, character development, description)

I would rather eat mud than think up a plot. This is because non-fiction characters, descriptions, and situations fascinate me.

I also have a habit of over-explaining and have to discipline myself to keep from doing it.

When did you start writing?

What I can remember for sure… I was 7 years old and bed-bound for a week or so. I had to figure out something to do, so I started writing. And I realized, man, I really like this. From then on, everything I did always had a writing aspect.

What is your day job? Do you have one? If not, then what did you do?

Retired. Was a pilot, USAF ‘67-72; Delta Air Lines ‘73-03. Also litigation lawyer ‘79-05. My wife and I now own and manage rental property.

Question for our group members from Daryle

Would you write and be happy doing it if you knew you would never be commercially published?

Yes. And if the answer is ‘no’, do some soul-searching.

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