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How can I be relevant and 'old' at the same time?


I told you guys in an earlier post that I was new to this blogging thing. Actually, It's more like new to all the social media, texting, twittering, stuff. Have I mentioned that I am old? I mean really old. When I was first married, they had just invented answering machines, much less all this other stuff. We thought Star trek (the original one with Captain Kirk) was very futuristic sci-fi stuff. I mean, hand held communicators or com badges, like that could ever happen. Well, I got the hang of email.… sort of. Then I got dragged kicking and screaming into texting, because my children believed that if you actually answer a telephone it might blow up, and a couple of years ago I got a Facebook account. I rarely post anything because my life is just not that interesting. I refuse to be one of those people who believes the entire world needs to know what I’m having for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I keep up with pictures of my grandchildren, what all my neighbors in the RV resort are ticked off about, and whether there’s actually going to be a painting class or mahjong today. But, other than that? I have no interest in being sucked into a lot of political mudslinging, misinformation, and down right made up crap.

Have a great day,

Bobbie Robertson


Bobbie Hogan Robertson has been a technical writer and Business Professor since 1985. After so many years of writing repetitive, eyeball numbing and just plain boring manuals, she was ready to put some fun and creativity into her lifelong passion. She joined DFW Writers Workshop and learn how to write fiction. Her first book was an experiment in Fantasy Fiction, followed by a Historical Fiction book, and her third is a physiological drama. In 2017 she and her husband decided to sell their home and travel. They bought an RV and have been exploring the country full time ever since.


The Tin Man Cometh

White Buffalo Maidens

Rabbit Holes

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